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How do I take care of a bottle?
Can silicone tops be boiled?

Yes, all medical silicone tops are suitable for boiling sterilization and must be sterilized the first time they are used. Boiling time should not exceed 5 minutes to avoid damaging the material.

Can I boil a stainless steel bottle?

The metal body of the bottle can be put into hot water for 10 minutes only after the water stops boiling.

Never use microwave ovens to sterilize any metal parts.

Can bottles be frozen?

Vacuum insulated bottles (thermo bottles) should never be placed in a freezer or left in freezing conditions as this can damage the vacuum between the two layers of metal and significantly degrade the insulating properties of the bottle.

To store milk in the freezer, only single-wall bottles and a lid with a silicone disc can be used. When using a 325 ml bottle, do not fill above the 8oz (235 ml) mark; 150 ml – no higher than the 4 oz mark (120 ml) to avoid deformation of the steel when the liquid expands during freezing.

Can a bottle rust?

In order for stainless steel to retain its anti-corrosion properties, oxygen access and a dry environment are required.

The situation when rust spots can appear on steel is extremely rare and is always associated with the fact that after washing the bottle does not dry well before assembly. Be sure to follow this condition so that stains do not appear on the steel.

If, nevertheless, small spots appear on your bottle, you can try to eliminate them by more thoroughly cleaning the affected area with a cleaning cloth or a hard washcloth, but not metal or steel, so as not to damage the oxide layer of steel. Also, do not use bleach.

Baking soda and vinegar can be used as cleaning agents. You can soak in table vinegar overnight and most likely the stains will be removed.

How to warm a breast milk/ formula in a Stainless Steel Bottle?
Are Pura bottles suitable for storing milk?

Pura bottles are suitable for all drinks, including milk, but it is important to maintain the sterility of any product for storing baby food.

A valuable benefit of storing milk in a stainless steel bottle is that the milk is not exposed to light, which can destroy some of the valuable nutrients in breast milk.

It is important to remember that milk, including breast milk, is a perishable product. Therefore, it can be stored out of the refrigerator for no more than 2 hours at room temperature.

If you are feeding your baby formula, you can use a thermo bottle:

  • pour warm water into it and immediately before feeding, dilute the dry mixture in warm water
  • do not store warmed milk or formula for more than 2 hours to avoid bacteria growth

To store milk in the freezer, use a lid with a silicone disc. When using a 325 ml bottle, do not fill above the 8oz (235 ml) mark; 150 ml – no higher than the 4 oz mark (120 ml) to avoid deformation of the steel when the liquid expands during freezing.

It is strictly forbidden to use Insulated bottles for freezing in order to avoid breaking the vacuum insulation!

Is the metallic taste transmitted to drinks?

No. The fear of “metal taste” comes from using aluminum bottles rather than stainless steel. Nothing will penetrate your drinks or food made of stainless steel No. 304. The material is inert, which means it does not transmit or absorb any tastes or odors.

Are bottles suitable for hot liquids?
Is a thermo bottle the same as a thermos?

Not really.

Thermoses always have a lid that ensures a complete vacuum inside the bottle. Due to this, the temperature of the liquid is maintained for the longest possible time.

Silicone lids or tops of Pura thermal bottles do not provide a complete vacuum inside and therefore the liquid cools down a little faster. At room temperature, the bottle will keep warm for up to 6 hours. The lower the ambient temperature, the faster the cooling will occur.

How long do insulated bottles keep the temperature of the liquid?

Insulated bottles keep warm for up to 6 hours at room temperature, and a cold drink can be kept for at least 8 hours and up to 24 hours if ice is added to the liquid.

It is important to understand that a thermal bottle is not a thermos, so the liquid will cool faster than in a completely insulated vessel and the cooling time directly depends on the ambient temperature. See above for a detailed description of the difference between a terobottle and a thermos.

Why are Pura silicone sport tops not suitable for hot liquids?

The thing is that the steam from the hot liquid rises and expands the silicone, which leads to a temporary lack of tightness of the lid and the risk of getting burned hot.

What recommendations should be considered if you need to pour a very hot drink:

✓ Use only silicone discs with hot drinks. With them, you can pour at least boiling water into the bottle, immediately close the lid and throw the bottle into the bag with confidence that it will not leak.

✓ If you still want to leave the silicone sports lid, then after pouring hot, DO NOT CLOSE THE LID IMMEDIATELY, let the steam come out completely.

Are the bottles leaking?

All Pura bottles are completely sealed.

Sippy tops and silicone straws are equipped with a special valve that prevents liquid from spilling.

Sport tops are also 100% airtight, the only thing you need to do is to make sure that the lid is tightly closed.

Also note that if you pour hot liquid into an Insulated bottle, then the sports top must be opened before the steam comes out of the bottle. If this is not done, the silicone expands from high temperature and for a while, until the liquid cools to a temperature of 40-50 degrees, the lid will lose its tightness.

What should I do if the bottle is crushed when it falls?

If a filled bottle is dropped on a hard surface, the steel may be slightly crumpled. Most likely, this will not affect the functionality of the bottle in any way, it will not break, as it would happen with a glass bottle, but the bottom deformed by frequent falls may interfere with the stability of the bottles.

To prevent dents, we recommend using protective silicone bumpers for baby bottles, because babies are the most likely to drop and throw things.

Bumpers will also help restore stability to bottles with an already rumpled bottom, if it was not possible to save it initially.

How to place an order on the website
Can I change my address and shipping method after placing an order?

Yes, you can change the address after placing an order, but before the order is shipped to the logistic company. To do this, contact us in the online chat or by mail If the order is already with the courier or transport company, additional approvals will increase the delivery time.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes, you can cancel an order at any time before receiving it without giving a reason.

How to become a reseller of the Pura brand?

Greenme Nordic Ltd Oy ( is the exclusive distributor of the Pura Stainless brand (USA) in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

We are always open to cooperation and are ready to provide a wholesale price list upon request.

Please write to us at and we will contact you shortly.

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